Portrait of Martin Kerslake

About Me

Oh no, not another designer! I hear you say. Well, hear me out. I have experience. Lots of that, maybe too many years to mention. I’m sure you can work it out from my timeline below. I’m good at listening to people, which comes through my relationship with my clients and friends. I’m not going to answer your problem instantly, but I will listen and then go away and think. Even slip into a daydream before arriving at the right solution for you and your company. best fake watches to buy
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From a stunning banner stand to a sharp new logo to go with a sharp new website. To crafting an eye-catching brochure to leave with a client. I can make your company look amazing and stand out from the crowd, so customers are more likely to buy from you. Please see the “How can I help you” section.

Kerslake Design / 2014 to present

Since leaving London in 2014, I have worked for myself. In the buzzing metropolis of Totnes in Devon. To the fast-developing mega-city, Bengaluru in India and now the creative hub and the lovely City of Bristol. A place where I can enjoy easy access to nature, fantastic music and a first-class design community. I regularly attend workshops and talks provided by West of England Design Forum and Bristol Creative Industries.

Even after so many years. I have never felt more excited by design and how it can help a person or company achieve its goals. I would love to help you as well. Please give me a call.

Redwire Design / 1999-2014

In 1999 I co-founded Redwire. A web design and development company in the heart of London. For the next fourteen years, I combined my love of graphic design with the web. Developing and adapting my skills as the demands for digital media changed. In this time, I designed many identities and websites for small and medium-sized businesses. In the early days, it would quite often be a company’s very first website. I also loved working on large eCommerce and multi-functional sites for larger companies. Clients included: BP, The Economist, Asset Value Investors.

Freelance / 1994-99

After working in-house for five years, I was keen to broaden my design experience and began working in shared spaces with other small, vibrant companies. This enabled me to work within various sectors in the design community, including interior designers, copywriters, marketers and advertisers. During this time, I worked on book covers for Penguin, supermarket signage for Budgens and printed material for big brands like Seagram and Tropicana.

South Bank Centre & Hayward Gallery / 1990-94

Working in-house for the world-class international music venue and arts centre. The South Bank Centre and Hayward Gallery. I collaborated with the marketing department to produce exciting promotional materials within the brand. From 48 sheet posters that appeared all over the underground to private view invitations for the next big exhibition to printed publicity to promote a music festival. What a place to work. Not only was the design work fulfilling and exciting. We received free tickets for artists like Miles Davis, BB King and Itzak Perlman.

EMI Classics / 1988-90

My first job after moving back to London from college. I joined EMI Classics. Classical music wanted to engage with a younger audience, and visual communication formed an important part of this strategy. Working in a small team, I was responsible for designing CD covers and promotional publicity. Working directly with the design director, it was exciting to engage with some of the best photographers and illustrators around and meet some of the greatest classical musicians in the world.

Epsom and then Canterbury Art College BA (Hons) / 1983-88

These are the places where I discovered and developed my love of all things design. Art college was also a place to meet new people who had the same open view on life, broaden my horizons and live away from home for the first time.