Branding, design, posters & publicity for a major contemporary exhibition at The Hayward Gallery, London

Working closely with the marketing department and some of the artists a range of branding and promotional material was produced for this review of contemporary art, including: posters, leaflets, exhibition guide and private view card. The poster campaign started with a series of mysterious images that appeared across the London underground. These same images were then replaced to reveal the exhibition name, date and venue as the opening approached.

Frieze Magazine

For weeks, travellers on the London underground kept catching sight of small posters with no words at all. Only images: of what resembled a small toy, for instance, or a man’s leg stuck through a wall, or part of a diagram or a fuzzy surveillance image of a bare-chested boy. Noticing things out of the corner of one’s eye may be enough to reveal all the facts we need. Information can be registered before it is understood, after all.

The poster above is featured in a book celebrating past exhibition posters at The Southbank Centre’s Hayward Gallery in London. The book was curated by Catherine Flood, curator of posters and prints at the V&A. An article about the book appeared in the Design Week website

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