Sefton Park Junior & Infant School

Headteacher Information Pack

Design for a respected school based in Bristol. Sefton Park Junior and Infant School needed an information pack. The desire was to attract the very best people  to apply for the vacant head teacher’s post. At first I produced a mood board and therefore a clear idea of the school’s values were created. Furthermore it helped develop the information pack visually. The result was a fun and attractive design for the printed marketing. Subsequently a record number of applicants applied for the job.

Amy Bellinger

Thank you for doing such a great design for the information pack, we had double the usual number of applicants I’m sure your design helped!


Front cover and first pages of Sefton Park School
Sally Dore

Martin worked closely with governors developing the design. We were really delighted with the end product, which we felt successfully navigated the tricky balance between conveying the school’s creativity and individualism, by using lots of the children’s input, and yet at the same time being a professional-looking document.

Chair of school governors

Mood board showing brand and values for Sefton Park School

Welcome Pack

Giving new parents and pupils essential information, in a fun filled eight page brochure.

Front and back page of Sefton Park School information pack
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