Sefton Park School

Branding + brochures + photography
Martin worked closely with governors as his design evolved, and we were really delighted with the end product, which we felt successfully navigated the tricky balance between conveying the school's creativity and individualism, with lots of children's input represented, and yet being a professional-looking document.
Sally Dore
Co-opted governor

Sefton Park is a well respected Infant and Junior school situated in St. Andrews, Bristol.

The governors understood the importance of having well designed material that communicated clearly the values of the school. The first document was needed to encourage the best candidates to apply for the vacant headmaster's position. 

I have since worked with the chosen headmaster to continue connecting with the parents of the school.
child drawing
Sefton Park School moodboard
Children from Sefton Park SchoolSefton Park School. Bristol - prospectus back page
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